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Conquering the Sun

The Sun bestows on us an abundance of Exajoules of energy which can sustain mankind’s every whim and fancy of electrical power requirements, manifolds.

Whilst we use just a miniscule 560 Exajoules of energy per annum the Sun is kind enough to dish out a gigantic 50,000 Exajoules of energy during the same period.

We have still to master this simple technology of converting solar energy to electrical energy. The best solar panels we have developed up until now, are only delivering at 20% efficiency.

Solar panels Melbourne the pioneering solar experts in this very cosmopolitan and vibrant city have put their shoulder to the yoke to deliver quality solar power systems to the populace with high quality professional installations.

With none or little regular maintenance solar systems would work silently for you 24x7 all 365 days of the year.

Solar panels would feed on the generosity of the Sun during the day and serve us during the nights and the also day, right through the year.

The inhabitants of Adelaide could turn to solar panels Adelaide the leading architects for consistent delivery of quality solar panels.

If we could increase the tempo in our Research and Development (R&D) and produce the ultimate state of the art solar panels Perth to convert solar power at about 80% efficiency the world would see a change in direction in our quest for power and energy.

The Sun does not discriminate but disburses its convertible and renewable solar energy to all and sundry and it is up to solar panels Sydney the front liners in the industry in that large city to deliver their promise to the populace.

There is no excuse in any area of Australia for not converting to solar power, a little help from the leader in the business solar panels Brisbane should nudge those in that city to follow suit with the rest of the country.